Tidbits January, 2013

We're seeing lots of residents popping back into InWorldz after spending a long time on hiatus. No doubt, Physix has gotten their curiosity piqued.  Welcome back, everyone!

Cataplexia Numbers has just recently been sent back home after spending 11 days in the hospital suffering from several ailments. Everyone is wishing for the best for Cat. Tiana Genesis has created a healing garden where you may light a candle in honor of Cat and send positive thoughts.

Jake Depeaux is opening a Men's Mall which will feature clothing and accessories for men only. Contact Carmamon Tea for information about rental arrangements if you're interested in opening a shop there. The Men's Mall is located in Steam City on Adventure Island.

Tuesday night January 15, 4-6PM.   LOCAL COLORS will be hosting the hottest thing in music since "Elvis Left the Building".  DJ Felena avro will be making the first of her regular scheduled events  at LOCAL COLORS in her classic energetic style. As an added attraction, the score on Storm the Rodeo Bronco will be reset not once but twice during the event. Rider setting high score will win 1000IZs each hour. 2000 Izs will be given away.  MUST BE PRESENT to win. On Thursday January 17, LOCAL COLORS will also be giving away two motorcycles -- 2-4PM DJ JMeyer hosts the Best in Biker Wear competition for one motorcycle; 5-7PM, DJ Brandi TerraFORMS will raffle off a second motorcycle. During both events, ride Storm, the Rodeo Bronco for a chance to win $1000.

Raven Callisto has completely revamped her store, 7 Deadly Prims, selling women's clothing and shoes. But she's also now offering sculpted trees in several different styles, Firs, forest trees, palms and willows.

Just stumbled into the New Jerusalem sim, and discovered
the Bible Walk. Scenes from the Bible are recreated, with notecards to explain
what you are seeing. For example, the first build at the landing point recreates
the Creation of Man and his fall. This scene shows the Garden built by Yahweh God in Eden after the creation of the Heavens and the Earth. The two trees that Adam and Eve were given in the Garden were the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The notecards give a short description of the scene and references to the Bible for more information. The Bible Walk is the creation of Xavier Griffith, White Dove and Dlen Uriza

Now that more new residents are coming into InWorldz, be
sure to put your Freebies in both the Where Can I Find it Town Hall (managed by Keira Alzael) and The Find it in InWorldz Freebie Headquarters (hosted on the Dragon Sim; managed by Chigadee London). This is a great way to introduce your
business to newcomers. Contact Keira or Chigadee for placement

With the release of Physix, Balpien Hammerer has released a set
of scripts that will power cars and boats. Both scripts are available at his shop on Ardhon en Ceredir. The scripts are "tipwear" -- please tip generously to reward Balpien for giving such a wonderful gift to all of us. The scripts are available right by the landing point -- look for a victorian table with boxes labeled with

Justin Case has reopened his Legend Valley Flea Market - two
floors of cheap gadgets to entertain and amuse you.
List of Freebie Stores in InWorldz

Everybody loves a bargain -- and in the words of one real life merchant -- "Free is a Very Good Price!". Below find the latest list of Freebies locations across the InWorldz grid. Keep in mind that sims come and go; merchants do as well. These locations were visited and confirmed in early December of 2012.

InWorldz Desert Island -- Free Stores
A lot of residents breeze right by the free shops at the IDI Welcome Island. This is a mistake. You will find so many freebies here, organized into several large buildings. Widgets Central has
Jopsy Pendragon scripts for various particles, and there are many other gadgets and building tools there. The Home shop has furniture, home decor, garden and landscaping items (including buildings and homes). Men and Women each have their
own clothing/accessory stores (with awesome hair, clothing and AOs), and there's even an "Other" shop for skins, wings and accessories for furries, tinies and more.

http://places.inworldz.com/InWorldz%20Desert%20Island/81/224/23 (Men's clothing and accessories)
 http://places.inworldz.com/InWorldz%20Desert%20Island/148/238/22(Women's clothing and

Kings' Freebies Shop
Many free items from Open Sim Creations, Linda Kellie Creations and other internet sites downloaded and boxed by Kings
Blindside. Items are full perm.

The Find It in InWorldz Freebie Headquarters
Free items donated by many of IW's finest creators to the Find it in InWorldz group, owned by Chigadee London. Hosted by Cheyenne Rhapsody on the Dragon Sim.

Dragon Forge Freebie Wall
An assortment of free items from members and residents of the ElfClan. Also includes Snoots Dwagon's free scripting tutorials.

Freebie Finders Headquarters
Headquarters of the InWorldz Freebie Finders Group, maintained by 1angelcares Writer. Located in the DHG Mega Mall.

Give-n-Take Freebie Shop
A nice assortment of Freebies from merchants of the Australia sim. Includes several nice houses among the items.

Sascha's Designs
Join Sascha's group, and load up on the free gowns
available to group members on the wall.

The Free Script Library
Ghost Wulluf and Christine Nyn maintain a comprehensive array of free scripts for the use and education of InWorldz residents. The scripts are boxed, but there are rarely instructions. Limited
support is available for the scripts. The main location (at TCB Island) also has a second floor area with many freebies donated by InWorldz creators and a lot of the free Ayla Holt items (now Linda Kellie Creations). There are two locations
-- both are worth a visit, as items in each library are not always in
http://places.inworldz.com/TCB%20Island/77/189/22 (Landing point; walk across the square to find the library)

Abraxus Academy Builder's Hall
Eagle Himmel has created building tutorials similar to the Ivory Tower of Primitives from Second Life.  The 3-dimensional displays demonstrate how prims look and can be manipulated. The Builder's Hall also includes Alaster Dionysus's Particle Machine, which is available for use free. Set your parameters and the machine will spit out a particle script that can be copied into your own particle generator. (You can own your own particle machine, as Alaster sells them at the Goblin Bazaar.)

Abraxus Academy Chapel Schoolhouse
Wyn Leas, owner of Abraxus Academy has put out many of her packaged building kits here. Her basic building packages are free, and there is a modest cost for packaged self-paced building kits to
help toward upkeep of Abraxus Academy. Kits include textures, sculpts and detailed notes. There are freebie items and building tools available as well.

Prim Pounders Association Building Platform
Keira Alzael has collected many builders tools and Classes-in-a-Box to assist InWorldz creators, as well as tutorials on QAvimator (animations creator).

Where Can I Find It Town Hall
The Town Hall features sign boards to many of the finest shops in InWorldz. Signs give LMs to shops and often contain Freebies. The WCIFI Town Hall is maintained by Keira Alzael.


Texture packs, animations and sculpts from Linda Kellie

The Cartel Hangout
Come hang with friends and enjoy good company any time as well as featured events. Join the Forum Cartel Inworldz for updates- but you do not need to join the group to attend events. There is a freebie room attached to the club house. Amaranthim Talon is your host.

Advertise Find Search in InWorldz
Pari Parenti owns Wild Spirit, where you will find a sandbox with a freebie wall adjoining it.
Join the Advertise Find Search in InWorldz group, and you can place a freebie vendor on the freebie wall. There's also a money tree located on the Wild Spirits sim.

Stockage des Merchandises
Emile Astree's freebie shop has texture packs (mostly from Linda Kellie Creations but some that are not), sculpts and furnishings. Join her group Et Voila! to be kept up to date on new merchandise. She also has some animations and AOs.

Nova City
Free Stuff. Everything on the main street in the middle of the sim is free. Home of Lazy Sales, and the Rock Party Club. Jim Tarber is the owner.

Forbidden Fruit
Lickedysplit Alecto owns forbidden fruit, where you
can find a small freebie shop, free sounds, a money tree, and more.

Legend Valley
Justin Case hosts a money tree for newbies, and a big
building with freebies.

Moon Island Mall
There's a small freebie shop at Moon Island Mall featuring items from some of the mall tenants. There are animations, poses and sounds available as well.

 YadNi's Building School
Self-paced tutorial for learning how to build in InWorldz. Walk through exhibit, similar to Ivory Tower of Primitives in Second Life. Created by YadNi Monde.

 By Jillian2000 Quintessa

The FIII HQ is on Dragon Sim and needs you !!!!

The Find It in InWorldz Freebie shop features gifts from many of InWorldz's finest designers. Group owner Chigadee London and Dragon owner Cheyenne Rhapsody need more gifts in the shop. So they've put out a call to all builders as an opportunity to fill the shop with more free gifts. Contact Chigadee or Cheyenne
for gift guidelines. The IWURL for the FIII Freebie HQ is http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dragon/217/210/22

NPU Cookie Hunt
! NPU ! Christmas season COOKIE Hunt

Owner Mira McMahn has lost 10 COOKIES all over the | NON PLUS ULTRA | shop and needs your help to find them.  Find all 10 cookies and you will have a complete bedroom set from Non Plus Ultra. The hunt lasts from December 1 through December 24, 2012

Free stalls for vendors at The Land of OZ

The Land of Oz has stalls all over the mall area, and they are free, first come first serve. These are for any Christmas creations or gifts, to give vendors more exposure for the holidays. Contact Ziva Danylo to request a group tag,  put your company logo over the sign that is above the stall, then place your goods.  All items will be removed around January 2, 2013.

Kings Freebies

400+ full perm freebies and growing. Kings scours the interwebs for freebies so you won't have to, imports them into InWorldz and boxes them for your convenience. Kings has relocated his shop to Freedom sim.

WulfRaven Creations

New release - Claddagh rings. Irish ring often used for weddings - two hands holding a crowned heart between them.   A male and female version of the rings are now available with more to come.  The rings are Copy, Mod, No Trans.  Other stones and metals will be available, and Tiana will customize them for anyone.

New Script at the Free Script Library
WANDER - to have a prim shift position randomly. Donated by Alaster Dionysus. Setup help is in the script commands.
Free Script Library is located at


Relay For Life


Relay for Life Weekend raises Money for American Cancer Society

Participants in the first-ever Relay for Life of InWorldz managed to raise over 64,000$Iz for the general fund of the Relay for Life of InWorldz. Team totals have not been talleyed yet, but it is estimated that the Relay for Life season has raised approximately $1500 USD for the ACS. The Relay season began in
August 2012.

The relay teams Sons of Anarchy, Team Shadow, Anarchy, Ragtag Racers for a Cure, Bilavio's For a Cure and Tsuki Mura for Hope had representatives throughout the day walking around the track built by Dratt Nider. Miss InWorldz 2012, Kelly4U Lynn was an active walker for the Sons of Anarchy team, although at once point I felt her whizz by on a Segway.

Entertainment was provided throughout the event by Corruptor Annamemnon, DJ Aryon, Red Rider, Kyfire Oakleaf, Clint Westwood and Trader Whiplash. Red Ryder was the DJ coordinator and Trader Wishbone provided T1 Radio that kept the music playing for the entire event.

The organizing committee was composed of 4Ewer Kidd (Technology and Security), Aryon Dagger and Rhiannon McKenna (Sim and Track Design), Hairy Thor (RFL of IW Chairman), Bryan Rickena (Teams Chair),  Panza Eilde (Luminaria,
Survivorship and Caregiver Recognition Chair), Nber Medici (Videography) and Bain Finch/ Wildstar Beaumont (RFL Chairs of Promotions and Marketing). Sting Raymaker is the American Cancer Center Representative.

The real life and Second Life versions of RFL are held over a 24-hour period. Since this was the first year that InWorldz participated, the event was shortened to 12 hours. Each team created a build to serve as their "campsite".  Artist Alizarin Goldflake created a Japanese garden for the Tsuki Mura team, Xantor Antarix created a Castle of Hope, and Bilavio's
furniture had several buildings on display, including one large home that was raffled off. Dratt Nider and the Sons of Anarchy had several cars on display and a blacksmith area.  Ocean Critters Fishing had a dock area.

The event kicked off at noon on the 4th of November with opening remarks by Hairy Thor and Bain Finch. The relaying started at 12:30 with cancer survivors and caregivers walking around the track that wound through the two sims provided
by InBiz and Bilavio's Furniture. InBiz and Bilavio's donated 50,000$Iz each to sponosor the Relay.

At 2pm, the themed laps began. The first was a pirate lap, with laps for Silly Hats/Big Hair and Western Clothes following. The Luminaria Ceremony was held at 5pm. The luminaria are paper bags with candles inside that lined the track. Clicking on the bag and making a donation allowed you to change the name on the bag to indicate a dedication for your donation to a friend or loved one. During the luminaria ceremony, participants gathered near the stage, as the names of those who were honored by a dedication were read. DJ Aryon Dagger read the dedications between songs chosen for the ceremony. It was a solemn and
moving experience.

After the luminaria ceremony, themed laps for Boots, the Power of Pink and Show US Your Blue were walked. The 8:00 lap was the Fight Back Lap and everyone was provided with a Purple cape. The night wrapped up with a Blast from the Past lap, and the closing ceremonies.

There was a steady stream of visitors and participants throughout the day. Organizer Hairy Thor spent all 12 hours on the relay track.  Bain Finch stated that he felt the event was a success since the intent was to introduce the RFL to InWorldz. Although the turnout seemed light, Bain confided that SL's Relay only raised a small amount the first year they participated, so InWorldz
is well on its way to building a strong event for the future.

The Event sims will remain open until the 17th of November, when there will be a wrap-up party. Watch IWNN for details of the event. From now until the 17th, items remain on sale at the event sims for the benefit of the Relay for Life.

After The Relay for Life season ends on November 17, the committee will begin to prepare for the 2013 campaign. If you are interested in participating in
future Relay for Life events, please contact Bain Finch or Hairy Thor.

Christmas Creators Fair

The InWorldz Content Creators Christmas Fair will be held from the 15th of November through December 24, 2012. This is an opportunity for content creators to show their full perm products to InWorldz builders, with a particular emphasis on holiday and Christmas items.

Stalls will be available with 25 prims. Cost is 300 $Iz for the 44 days of the fair. Stalls will be alocated on a first come, first served basis. Additional stalls may be rented if number of participants warrants. Kate Kirkle (Katy's Kreations Sculpties) and Xsavia Yifu (Timeless Textures) are the coordinators of the fair. Content creators who make full perm textures, sculpts, scripts, sounds, animations and builders gadgets are encouraged to participate.
The sim is Timeless, owned by Xsavia and it is a PG-family friendly sim. No Items of a mature or adult nature are allowed.

Hurricane Sandy Relief Auction

Jeri Rahja is coordinating a Hurricane Sandy Relief Auction, starting December 5, 2012.  Hurricane Sandy struck the New York and New Jersey shore areas and the devastation will prove to be the costliest storm since Hurricane Katrina in 2005. All donations to the Relief Auction will be welcomed -- they are looking for anything that will attract auction bidders. Please forward items
(making them transferrable) to Jeri Rahja or contact her for more information. 


London Core Eliminates Free Hair to Noobie program

Dawn Harbour announces that she is eliminating her free hair program for avatars less than 30 days old. She has decided to permanently reduce all London Core Hair from 150$Iz to 25$Iz. She also has high quality skins that are also reduced in price and will remain that way.


NHC Media Center Available in IW for a Limited Time

The most popular system for media in Virtual Worlds is now available in InWorldz until the end of the year. Creator Sylvio Runo has brought his media system here and opened a shop, but will not be keeping it beyond December 31, 2012. The media system will play YouTube videos, Treet.TV, Metaverse and other
digital media streams. You can store more than 5000 videos distributed through notecards into the inventory of the TV. You can create playlists inside the tv organized by artist, category, albums, and so on, and play the videos automatically. You can also watch live TV (such as ABC, CNN, ESPN and more) and
movies for free. There are no hidden fees. You can use the WebKit feature to browse Facebook, twitter and the whole world wide web if your viewer supports shared media (media-on-a-prim) and can interact with the screen using the webkit channel.

The NHC Media Center is compatible with the IW Viewer 1.4/1.5, Imprudence 1.4, Phoenix, Cool Viewer, Firestor, Second Life Viewer v.3, Dolphin, Ascent, Emergence, Singularity 1.7, Catznip, Nirans and Kirsten's Viewer.



More Tibits


Tidbits for October 17, 2012

Dragon Sim owners Cheyenne Rhapsody and Teddy Bear are hosting a "Scare Me, Will Ya?" building contest for Halloween. Stake your claim to a cabin in the sandbox, and build something that will scare your fellow residents. Builders are invited to donate a free gift for others to enhance the fun.

 Sascha Frangilli has set out her group gift for September, with October to follow shortly (she's running a little behind these days). Sascha makes ballgowns as well as casual clothing. She has started a pumpkin hunt for October. She has 10 gifts for you to find, priced at 1$Iz each. Find them all to make four different looks.

 Russell Eponym
The Music Whisperer, Russell Eponym, has started a regular
performance schedule at the Greek Isles (Parakia) every second Sunday of the month at 3 p.m. If you haven't heard Russell before, you owe it to yourself to go hear him. He has a soft style and he will enchant you with his voice and guitar. Your host is Judy Dessler. The performances will be in the Sea Amphitheatre.
 Bates Motel now Open - Just in
timeCog and tt Collins have created the Bates motel and Diner just in time to scare you for Halloween. You'll find the motel first -- each of the four rooms has its own creepy shower. Behind the motel and up the hill is the Bates House. Very realistic ghosts are drifting in and around the place. Don't miss Monday Blues, the diner next door.
 Bates Haunted
House Ride is open at the Kling Estates The Kling Clan has created a haunted house patterned after the Bates House from Psycho.  A skeleton greets you at the door, and you can either walk throughthe house or ride the Cars available.
 Oasis Mall honors Breast Cancer Awareness Month Oasis Mall is sponsoring a Pumpkin Hunt, which is in full swing right now through October. Find pumpkins hidden by the vendos of the Mall. Also, get a free Pinky the Bear, which is free to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

 Kings Freebies has Moved Kings Blindside has moved his Freebie Shop, and you'll now find it in Freedom Business Park. Kings has downloaded as many full perm creations as he can find. There's a lot to see and it's all totally free.
 Absinthe is Back Alyvaral Aeghin is back with Absinthe, her Steampunk shop, which is flavored with spirits of H.G. Wells, Poe, Shelley and more.  There are also a few freebies to be found.

 Ardina's Avenue Designs at Charm is sponsoring a Halloween Maze this October. Find gifts from many of Ardina's many vendors throughout the maze.

 Tidbits for October 1, 2012

Dance Systems News

Pas de Deux
Balpien Hammerer announces that he now has support for tiny
dances included in the Pas de Deux dance system. Biggies and tinies will be able to dance from the same Pas de Deux dance machine. The menu will give a choice of tiny or biggie dancer, and once tiny is chosen it will prevent biggie dances from being selected. The latest major release is a free update for owners of the system. Once upgraded, all future upgrades will be sent to you automatically. Visit Balpien's store at Ardhon en Deredir to purchase or upgrade.

Quark has developed the Q-Spot that's compatible with the Quark dance system. Q-Spot enabled furniture and objects,  can include sofas, beds, chairs, loveseats, pillow piles, rugs and spas. If you already own the Quark, you can use is as an engine to animate
your avatar and that of your partner for dancing, cuddling, kissing, loving, etc. You can choose any of your favorite Quark animations from your Quark dance system and they will play on the Q-Spot furniture. The Q-Spot only works with version 2.0 of Quark, but that can be upgraded by Chuck String, the creator of

Canvasing the Imagination Art Fest (2D Art)

Submissions are now being sought from artists who have created original two dimensional artwork, including photography. The Art Fest is sponsored by Jeri Rahja of  IWZ Dreamz and Visionz Art Fest.  The work must be intended as art such as photography, paintings, pastel, oil, rather than textures (exception: custom textures will qualify). You must be the creator of the work in both real life and InWorldz. All originals must carry the creators hallmark (to prevent theft). No artwork will be sold at this Art Fest. Applications should be submitted to Jeri Rahja by October 5, 2012. Display spaces will be assigned on or before October 12, 2012.

Reminder of Abraxus Academy Classes

Check the Abraxus Academy Calendar for the schedule of classes to be taught.
Upcoming classes can be found on the Google Calendar.


Fright Fest in October!

InWorldz is sponsoring the first Fright fest ever and it promises to be a spooky time. The fest runs during the entire month of October. You will find four sims filled with shopping, events, a graveyard, creepy amusement park rides and haunted mansions and castle. Also look for the Caverns of Doom. You can look
forward to live music, DJ dances, storytelling and more.

The InWorldz Event Sims have been decorated by Team Genesis (Tiana and Carnage Genesis, Samyiel Fallen, Nightshadow50 Resident), Alternative Metaverse (Mike Chase & Cataplexia Numbers), Legendary Creations (Gregg Legendary),
Witchy Woman Designs (Beverly Zauberflote), Creative Fantasy (Julia Hathor), NoHaven Halloween Supplies (CheysuliLir Restless), Gypsy (cracker taggart), Posh (Veronika Garzo), Lanell (Veovis Nightfire), Scrimshaw & Copper Hollow (Tenbears Running, Jay Copperfield, Lindee Elsemere, Sy Celina), WolfTek (Wolf Hartnell), with a few touches from Elwing Qendra, Rhiannon McKenna and EventsCoordinator InWorldz.

There will be 34 shops filled with halloween and autumn themed merchandise from many of InWorldz's finest designers. The shops are FILLED with all kinds of Fall Fashions, Halloween Costumes, Avatars, Shoes, Jewelry, Decor, Ladscaping & Props for Autumn & Halloween!

Shops inside the Caves Of Doom on Sim D
Shop 1 - Candy's Designs - Candy Bloomberg
Shop 2 - Romance Coutture - Eleseren Grey
Shop 3 - Helioscope - Europa Syra
Shop 4 - ARP Jewelry Designs - Alex Reese99
Shop 5 - Genesis Avatars Etc
Shop 6 - Matahari Style & Al Fresco - Tanya Matahari & Zak Moonites
Shop 7 - JCX-Clusives - JstChrmn Twischer
Shop 8 - Wulf Raven
Creations - Tiana Genesis
Shop 9 - The Cat's Meow - Cataplexia Numbers
Shop 10 - Headrush - Rhiannon McKenna
Shop 11 - Calia's Designs - Anyraya Braveheart
Shop 12 - Halloween Decor by Tamara - Tamara Ismee
13 - Warehouse 13 - ambiant Kukulcan
Shop 14 - Posh Togs - Veronika Garzo
Shop 15 - Miramode - Mira Karu
Shop 16 - Halloween Shop - Ruby Vandyke
Shop 17 -  Divaz Attic - Divalyn Magic
Shop 18 - Primal Art - Tatoos, clothing etc - Rhiannon Boronski
Shop 19 - Halloween Central  - Zandra Fraisse
Shop 20 - Gypsy - Cracker taggart

Outside Shops on Sim B
Shop 21 - Halloween Haunt Shop - Smokie Ember
Shop 22 - Svarovski  Design & Caleidoscope - Maximillian
Svarovski & Violetta Biziou
Shop 23 - Talon Faire - Amaranthim Talon
Shop 24 - Spontaneous Creations  - Simone Geddins
Shop 25 - LIV-Glam Couture - Clover Oxygen
Shop 26 - Phoenix Creations - Leanna Caerndow
Shop 27 - Doreeses Pieces - Doreese Dufaux
Shop 28 - Haute & Bothered Couture - Brelle Dufaux
Shop 29 - Gurl 6 & Jari Cat Designs - Constanza Amsterdam
Shop 30 - Llola Lane Designs - Llola Lane
Shop 31 - Vintage Fairy - Elwing Qendra
Shop 32 -  Ilianor Illios
Shop 33
-  Starlight Corner  - Lucy Sharpshire & Star Mystwalker
34 - *DbS* Shalenda Littlebird

This Halloween/Autumn Fright Fest promises to be another successful bash presented by InWorldz and managed by our EventsCoordinator InWorldz. Come out and get scared!

Article by: Jillian2000 Quintessa

Abraxus Academy Resumes Classes

Wyn Leas, owner and instructor at Abraxus Academy announced recently that she is able to resume classes. The upcoming schedule can be found on the Abraxus Google calendar:

There are classes currently planned through Friday, October 19, 2012. Beginning on September 17th, Wyn will be teaching a series of classes for fantasy builds, such as Toadstool Seats, Meditation Leaf, Mushroom House, Tabletop Starchimes, Pixie Bed, Elf Lantern, and more. The skill levels required for these classes range from beginners to advanced builders.

One of the exciting new offerings at Abraxus will be instuction in using DAZ Studio (which is free for a limited time from: http://www.daz3d.com/shop/daz-studio-4-5-sdk
Eagle Himmel will be teaching a session on creating animations in DAZ. The class is tentatively scheduled for September 22, 2012, and details will be sent out to the Abraxus Academy Group (search for Abraxus Academy in Groups to join). Eagle also plans to teach a class on Land Ownership in the near future. Eagle is the creator of the Builder's Hall at Abraxus, which is InWorldz's answer to the Ivory Tower of Primitives, a teaching tool for builders.


Also on the drawing board at Abraxus are classes in GIMP and Blender. Mike Chase of Alternative Metaverse has indicated his willingness to teach Blender through the Abraxus Academy.

The Abraxus Academy is located on the Giffu Sim. Classes will be in the Sandbox 1 unless otherwise indicated on the schedule.


Keeping the Dream Alive

This story is written in hopes to inspire or
encourage people to sign up for Mr. & Miss InWorldz 2013

As my time as Miss InWorldz draws ever too quickly to an end I look back and smile. It is and always will be the biggest adventure of my Virtual Life. I was just over 60 days old here in my new found home of InWorldz when I gathered my courage and decided to try out for the Miss InWorldz contest. 

Coming from over three years on Second Life only doing Bloodlines War and dancing, I was never big on fashion and style so I thought this could be a fun way to learn how to dress up and look great.  I know many of you may think you need to be some glamorous model to try to do something but I am living proof
this is not true. I was never a model. I was just lucky to be wearing shoes most of the time. My style was low render hair (to cut lag for fighting), simple shorts and top. All to make room on my avatar for my fighting HUD and special super jump and fly speed HUD.  I hope you get the picture of my past and
see I was in no way ready for this contest. I tell you this as encouragement for yourself, not to brag on myself.

Scared, as all of the contestants were, we began the training and soon all became friends and started having a great time. I used this contest as a way to learn. Never expecting to win or even last in the contest, I listened and learned. Using the wonderful people of InWorldz and group chats, I began my search for appropriate outfits for each round. Every round had a different theme.  We had to find and put together an outfit that fit the theme and
then display ourselves to be judged. This all sounds scary, I know, and all the contestants will tell you it was, but proved to be such fun. The people in group chats were a great help as I put my ideas together. Asking, Where can I find this? … and then finding places you never knew were here.

As the contest got closer and closer to crowning the first ever Miss InWorldz, I realized how much I was growing as a person. No longer a fighter but a friend, I cheered on the other contestants, still not believing I would last or do well. My goal became just to make it to the final round -- that would make
me so happy. I even had my own picks on who should win and who should be runner up. As the contest came to a close, I felt my goals of learning fashion and feeling comfortable picking outfits and accessories for my pretty pixel body had been met. This was the biggest thing I ever did or tried and it brought me more confidence, even in my real life.

The moment when the finalists all stood onstage as all of InWorldz watched and waited was the most exciting time I can remember. It was even more exciting than fighting outnumbered and getting six kills before I died in my old war game.  I could not believe it when I was named Runner Up. This was ten times more than I had ever thought possible and I was so very honored. I was also very pleased, as the announced Miss InWorldz was the one throughout the contest I hoped would win.

Now some might think my story ends here. After all, who remembers second place? Well I do and I took my role as Runner Up seriously, as I do most things I try. I continued to go out helping people, greeting new residents and smiling brightly, because this role was mine and I liked it. This contest taught me a lot and I wanted to share this.

As some of the readers of this story know, there was a point when the Miss InWorldz crown was passed to me. Sad as to how this came about, I accepted the crown and the title and stepped up to the new role of representing our world as Miss InWorldz. I was, and still am, very proud of this title and responsibility.
I have had a great time in this role doing some appearances and sharing my story with anyone wanting to know. As I began this story, thus it ends with my hopes
and encouragement to any reading this that you will give this contest and role a try. What you gain from the experience will be worth it, even if you don’t win.

Lots of Love
Story written by: Kelly4u Lynn
Miss InWorldz


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