New Group formed for Artists and Art Lovers Alike

The new InWorldz group called ArtWorldz was created by Cataplexia Numbers, who’s one of Inworldz’s premier artists. She felt there were plenty of groups devoted to clubs, stores and just about every other aspect of creation, but there was a need for a place where artists and art lovers could come together. She discussed with artist Alizarin Goldflake how she’d like to create a group that was open to all artists and galleries, both public and private.

She envisioned a place where great collaborations could form between visual artists and where non-visual artists could find people to collaborate with (such as a musician in search of an artistic backdrop to play their music in). Alizarin liked the idea and offered to join Cat and help the group in any possible way. Cat also recruited her husband and fellow artist Mike Chase to join as well.

Cataplexia, Alizarin and Mike are the founders of the group and they are forming a strong management team to help the group reach its potential. The team includes Prax Maryjasz and Alexina Proctor of the Community Library at Delphi.
Among other duties, Prax and Alexina will be helping with
advertisement and web development, as well as being artists and gallery owners themselves. Already, 130 members have joined the ArtWorldz group in its first weeks of existence.

Tiana Genesis had asked both Mike and Cat to display their art at the new Where Can I Find It? Town Hall. As Cat was looking around at all the art already on display there, she thought that the new Town Hall itself would be a great place to launch ArtWorldz, and maybe have a dual launch party as both the group
and the new Town Hall were great features in InWorldz. Both Tiana and Keira Alzael were very supportive of the ArtWorldz group (though there is no interconnection between the two groups).

The ArtWorldz kick off party (June 3) is an exciting event for Cat because it represents exactly what she set out to do in starting the ArtWorldz group- “It's bringing the art to the public, as well as bringing the public to the art.”

Tiana says, “I think the name Artworldz says it all because art is something that goes beyond language and culture barriers.  Anyone and everyone can appreciate art and so at the kick off Event for this awesome group, I am hoping many people will stop by not just for the event within its time slot but all day and continuing on through everything that the ArtWorldz group does.”

    The ArtWorldz group provides an advertizing and
promotional portal for artists and galleries, but it promises not to end thereThe founders of the group have future plans for starting a Gallery Visiting Kiosk System much like the one in SL, but with an InWorldz flavor. There are plans for an ArtWorldz Newsletter, and a Website with Gallery listings. The dreams of the management team for this group run deep, and Cat feels the group can be an incredible part of this grid, and hopefully will draw artists and art fans alike to join us here in InWorldz.

The ArtWorldz crew may host events from time to time, but events and contests aren’t the driving force of the group. They simply wish to be an avenue for artists and art lovers to find each other. They think of the group as a “Visual Artists Network”.  Cat says, “If I could sum this up in a simple catchy motto, I suppose it would have to be this:‘Art for The Public - Public for The Art’.”

Enrollment in the ArtWorldz group is free. According to the group charter, group chat can only be started by those designated as Artists & Gallery Owners to minimize spamming – but others may join in the discussions.  Artists and galleries may make notice postings to advertise their events.

Contact Cataplexia Numbers, Mike Chase or Alizarin Goldflake for more Information about this exciting group or to be given a role as artist or gallery  owner.



05/31/2012 13:28

Thanks for the great coverage! It is a very clear and thorough description of this valuable new group.

05/31/2012 13:36

i joined up!

05/31/2012 14:59

Excellent article! I like its clarity.

06/06/2012 21:22

Thanks for the well written and informative article, Jillian.

06/09/2012 15:03

Excellent post... look forward to helping out.

06/14/2012 17:24

Well done Jillian, thank you so much! it was a pleasure doing the interview.

06/19/2012 17:58

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Jeri Rahja
06/20/2012 03:50

A major Issue was missing in the Thoth Jantzen Article - Mr. Jantzen Sim - belongs to the Alexanderia Kingdon region- which is a MAJOR art SIm region that consists of many Art Sims - the sims are Owned my Jeri Rahja - and the artists that comprise the sims are Ub Yifu, Soror Nishi, Wizard Gynoid, La Toymaker, Juanita Deharo, along with the sims inwhich the art fest take place and 3 sims that are in build now with other major artists. Mr. Janzen is just the newest memeber of the group and we are very pleased to have him join us - Jeri Rahja


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